AzerothCore Wrath of the Lich King Single Player Repack


This is a WoW Wrath of the Lich King Single Player Repack based on AzerothCore. Unlike TrinityCore, AzerothCore is more specific for WotLK expansion (3.3.5)

Now you can enjoy the sensation of single player gameplay because AzerothCore has got the NPCBots Module. You guys wanna try it?? Please download and play!

Embark on a solo adventure through the icy realms of Azeroth with Zaicopx AzerothCore Wrath of the Lich King Single Player Repack. Dive into the immersive world of World of Warcraft's iconic expansion, where the chilling presence of the Lich King looms large. Explore breathtaking landscapes, conquer treacherous dungeons, and face off against legendary foes, all within the comfort of your own personal gaming experience. Unleash your inner hero as you unravel the mysteries of Azeroth and shape the fate of the Warcraft universe. Get ready to journey alone, but never feel lonely, as Zaicopx AzerothCore brings the magic of the Lich King's era to life in this captivating single-player repack."


  • Server realm type RPPVP.
  • Disable Water Breath.
  • Player can toggle instant flight off or on at each flight master.
  • Ignore level requirement when entering instances.
  • Maximum number of primary professions a character can learn -> 11
  • Threat Radius reduced by 25%.
  • Creature Aggro reduced by 25%.
  • Distance for fleeing creatures seeking assistance from other creatures reduced by 25%.
  • Distance for creatures calling for assistance from other creatures without moving reduced by 25%.
  • Movement speed rate is 1.14
  • Resurrection sickness is disable.
  • Maximum number of bots allowed for players is 19.
  • Enable transmogrification of bots' equipment.
  • Enable unlimited extra gear storage (accessible through gossip menu).
  • Disable Berserk buff when bot is dismissed and related hostile reaction.
  • Allow wandering bots generation for Battlegrounds.
  • Wandering NPCBots disable by default (to enable go to worldserver.config).
  • A smooth functioning AH-Bot.
  • Battlegrounds NPCBots
  • Eluna engine.
  • Solo LFG and RDF.
  • Game Day\Night Cycle speed: One Game Day every 96 minutes or 1.6 Hour.
  • Enable auto revive before die, only GM account.
  • NPC Beast Master.
  • NPC Transmog.
  • NPC Instance/Raid Reset.
  • NPC Reagent Bank.
  • Learn spells on level-up.
  • Old School PvP Titles.
  • Enables potions to be re-usable in combat.
  • Enable the reward system.
  • Enables optional to skip when talking to Lich King on first creation of DK.
  • Enable StatBooster.

About this repack:

Core: Zaicopx AzerothCore-wotlk-with-NPCBots

Mysql: MySQL 5.7.40 Portable - root, ascent, 3306


Repack Download: Click Here!

AC Update: Click Here!

WoW 3.3.5 Client Download: Click Here!

Khyle's WotLK HD Texture: Click Here!

How to Install: Click Here!

How to Install 11k NPCBots: Click Here!

This is a NEW AC SP Repack, there are some changes in the latest repack, namely the addition and reduction of modules used. 

If you use my old AC Single Player Repack then do:

  • Find your character GUID using command .pinfo playername
  • Backup your character using command .pdump write filename playerNameOrGUID
  • Later a backup file will appear according to the name you wrote in the filename.
  • Copy the file to this latest Repack Folder.
  • Load using command .pdump load filename account newname (You can use the same name as the previous name)

This is a server how-to:

  • Unzip AzerothCore Single Player Repack.7z
  •  Inside that folder, run "Start Server.bat" file
  •  Copy and paste your wow shortcut into the server folder so you can run wow.exe from the launcher server.

This is a how-to update repack:

  • Remember to backup.
  • Download latest AC SP Update.
  • Remember to DELETE "Source" Folder first.
  • Extract AC SP Update.7z to repack folder, replace exe (Everything)

This is a how-to custom NPC:

  • Beast Master: .npc add 601026
  • Transmog: .npc add 190010
  • Instance/Raid Reset: .npc add 300000
  • Reagent Bank: .npc add 190012
How to use Npcbot:
  • You can use Macro NPCBots Spawn here: Click Here!
  • You can hire using command .hirebot (spawn temporary npcbots hire npc)

This is a server how-to close server:

  • In worldserver.exe just type "server shutdown 3" (Without ")
  • In authserver.exe just click ctrl+c
  • In mysql console just click ctrl+c
Do this so that your database is not corrupted.

Don't forget to modify worldserver.conf and module conf as desired.
You are able to configure anything you like.


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