Update 051323-1600 for Zaicopx Single Player Repack



Update Info:

Core: Zaicopx AzerothCore-wotlk-with-NPCBots rev. 13e0c5f4ecef

NPCBots v5.3.187a

Latest update on May 13, 2023

Version DB world: ACDB 335.10-dev

Mysql: root, ascent


Update 051323-1600CLICK HERE!

This is a how-to update repack:

  • Remember to backup.
  • Download latest AC SP Update.
  • Remember to DELETE "Source" Folder first.
  • Extract AC SP Update.7z to repack folder, replace exe (Everything)



  • New config: dps modifiers by level bracket.
  • Switch bot client-side ownership type back to pet (using owner guid).
  • Add missing check for ranged dps target in IsInBotParty()
  • Shaman: fix enh trying to use Lightning Bolt before unlocking Maelstrom Weapon, allow using Lava Burst if resto or if can't do nature damage.
  • Fix missed magic number 80u with DEFAULT_MAX_LEVEL.
  • Fix some codestyle in bottraits.h.
  • Implement real Gear Score calculation. New command: `.npcbot gs` - list gear score by selection / classname.
  • Remove unnecessary code in BotDataMgr::Update() (despawning bots)
  • Fix negative GearScore.
  • .npcbot sendto commands after owner guid revert.
  • Fix Unit::CanFreeMove() being false for bots always.


  • Shadow Labyrinth: Improve Grandmaster Vorpil script.
  • The Slave Pens: port SAI from bosses to C++
  • Outland: add missing C++ code and remove SAI scripts from Tavarok and Darkweaver Syth.
  • Underbog: Underbat's Tentacle Lash should be casted only on targets behind the bat.


  • Magtheridon Lair: Revamp Magtheridon's Lair spawns
  • Rework The Slave Pens Trash SAI.
  • Implement Antonio Perelli script.
  • Correct quest progression in Children's Week Alliance Side.
  • Add pathing to Zandras.
  • Correct Cleric and Ghostrider of Karabor factions.
  • Revamp Underbog Trash SAI.
  • Bloodmyst Isle: Add Tzerak Pathing and missing Nazzivius gameobjects.
  • Rework Trash SAI for Blood Furnace.
  • Fix Void Baron Galaxis encounter.
  • Remove Creature Entry 621.
  • Remove Erroneous Mind Control Spell from Creature 601.
  • Reduce HP of unit_class paladin level 66 to 4892.
  • Add RP event for Lieutenant Gravelhammer and Captain Auric Sunchaser in Allerian Stronghold (port from TC)


  • Add parameter to detect XP origin for OnGiveXP hook.
  • Delayed Damage system.

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