Update 080623-2208 for Zaicopx Single Player Repack



Update Info:

Core: Zaicopx AzerothCore-wotlk-with-NPCBots rev.ed9371590585

NPCBots v5.4.104a

Latest update on August 06, 2023

Version DB world: ACDB 335.10-dev

Mysql: root, ascent


Update 080623-2208CLICK HERE!


This is a how-to update repack:

  • Remember to backup.
  • Download latest AC SP Update.
  • Remember to DELETE "Source" Folder first.
  • Extract AC SP Update.7z to repack folder, replace exe (Everything)



  • Magtheridon: allow for Magtheridon to also break free immediately when all Hellfire Channelers are killed.
  • Professions: Unlearn alchemy profession mastery at 325.
  • Quest: improved Curing the Sick.
  • Karazhan: Update Netherspite.
  • Karazhan: Rewrite Nightbane with scheduler + some fixes.
  • Magtheridon Lair: Fix double schedule.
  • Azuregos: Arcane Vacuum should also reset pet threat.
  • World: Fix XP disable NPC script.
  • Gruuls: Kiggler no longer chases after target.
  • Magtheridon Lair: Script Manticron Cube conditions.
  • Commands: Allow using flusharenapoints from console.
  • Escape From Durnholde: Fix escort mission getting stuck.


  • Quest: Port quests regarding Corki from Trinity.
  • Loot: HC ramparts chest should drop a badge of justice.
  • Spell: Fix WOTLK trinket procs.
  • Spell: Darkmoon Card: Heroism should only trigger on melee autoattacks.
  • Smartscript: Shattered Hand Champion should not threat drop.
  • Blackrock Spire: Add teleport trigger for crater.
  • Creature: add pathing to Garn Mathers.
  • Spell: Add 20% buff to Spotlight.
  • Creature: High Executor Darthalia movement.
  • SAI: improve timers from Shattered Rumblers using sniffs.
  • SAI: remove SAI from Defias Cutpurse.
  • Creature: High Executor Darthalia movement and position.
  • Creature: Change CombatReach and Bounding Radius for Doom Lord Kazzak.
  • Creature: Captain Skarloc should be interruptable.
  • Loot: Shadowmoon Technician Heroic should be pickpocketable.
  • Creature: fix mechanical immunities of Ghostly Steward as well as fixing/improving Frenzy.
  • Loot: Karazhan Boss Loot.
  • SAI: Wood Mites should skitter around.


  • Arena: allow crossfaction arena teams.
  • Spells: Set Crashin' Thrashin' Robot duration to 3 min.
  • Raid: Archimonde's Unable to kill.
  • Spells: Fix Curse of Pain.
  • Smart AI: Implement AoE variants of VICTIM_CASTING and RANGE events.
  • Packet IO: Prevent HandleGameobjectReportUse when Gob is not selectable.
  • Item: Mirror client logic when determining whether to apply feral AP.
  • Spells: Add Explosive Shot exception.
  • Battleground): Fix auto arena flush interval.
  • Pets: Pet scaling only being applied to pets with DB Entry.

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