Hotfix 041523-2226 for AzerothCore Single Player Repack


Hello adventurers,

Today we are excited to announce the release of the latest AzerothCore SP Hotfix 041523-2226, with Zaicopx's AzerothCore-wotlk-with-NPCBots rev. 3571c1f37e55. This hotfix includes several updates and improvements to the NPCBots, which are sure to enhance your gaming experience. Here is a list of the changes included in this update:

  • New config: NpcBot.Mult.Wanderer.Speed to adjust wandering bots' movement speed.
  • Adjusted spell cast dead target check to require to be explicit in order to trigger an error.
  • Removed enormous mana regeneration from spirit bonus from free bots.
  • Fixed bots still being able to choose invalid height for evade move point calculated.

These changes are aimed at improving the behavior and overall performance of the NPCBots, making them more efficient and reliable for players. The new config, NpcBot.Mult.Wanderer.Speed, is especially exciting, as it allows players to adjust the wandering bots' movement speed, providing greater control over the game's dynamics.

In addition to these updates, the hotfix also addresses some minor issues related to spell casting and bot behavior. With these improvements, players can expect a smoother, more immersive gaming experience.

We hope you enjoy these updates, and we look forward to bringing you more exciting changes and improvements in the future. Thank you for choosing AzerothCore SP Repack, and happy gaming!



UPDATE 041523-1246: CLICK HERE

HOTFIX 041523-2226: CLICK HERE

Hotfix info:

Latest update on April 15, 2023

NPCBots v5.3.150a. 

This is a how-to update repack:

  • Remember to backup
  • Extract Latest AC SP update first then
  • Extract this Hotfix.7z
  • Copy and paste in AzerothCore Folder, replace everything

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