Update 041523-1246 for Zaicopx Single Player Repack


Update Info:

Core: Zaicopx AzerothCore-wotlk-with-NPCBots rev. 4319d0f71965

NPCBots v5.3.145a.

Latest update on April 15, 2023

Version DB world: ACDB 335.9-dev

Mysql: root, ascent

NEW: NPCBot Wander System

Besides main purpose which is to assist players, NPCBots can also be used as autonomous units. Wandering bots spawn with gear, but are free of player's control and cannot be hired. Here is a list of features supported: 
  • Wandering bots in open world. Config setting **`NpcBot.WanderingBots.Continents.Count`** controls desired amount of bots roaming world maps. Spawn points are random and level is selected accordingly. These bots give small reward for kill and bonus experience. See the config file for more info. 
  • Wandering bots generated for Battlegrounds. Enabled by **`NpcBot.WanderingBots.BG.Enable`** setting, this feature allows to generate NPCBots to fill BG queue and partake in BG matches themselves. Bots can't fulfill BG objectives currently. Only Warsong Gulch is implemented currently. 



This is a how-to update repack:

  • Remember to backup.
  • Download latest AC SP Update.
  • Extract AC SP Update.7z to repack folder, replace exe (Everything)



  • Fix wandering bots have wrong player damage requirements when killed the first time.
  • Convert wandering bots spawning to be able to spawn bots on demand instead on startup only.
  • Implement wandering bot depsawning mechanism.
  • Add WP flag to allow to ignore faction flags when using it for movement.
  • Implement one-way WP linking.
  • Change `.npcbot wp spawnall` command to only spawn WPs in current map, now can't be using from console.
  • Ignore WP levels in non-continent maps.
  • Do not add next evade movement delay in non-continent maps.
  • Implement wandering bots in Battlegrounds. Implement Warsong Gulch.
  • Fix wandering bot spawn interval.
  • Allow creating BG group with creature leader.
  • Add WSG WPs and update config.
  • Do not try to generate BG bots if BG debugging is enabled.
  • Configs: rename `NpcBot.DesiredWanderingBotsCount` -> `NpcBot.WanderingBots.Continents.Count`.
  • New config: `NpcBot.WanderingBots.BG.Enable` (BG bots generation).
  • New configs: `NpcBot.Mult.Wanderer.Damage`, `NpcBot.Mult.Wanderer.Healing`, `NpcBot.Mult.Wanderer.HP` to balance wandering bots in open world.
  • Wandering bots on world maps are not longer affected by non-class `NpcBot.Mult.X` multipliers.
  • Fix BG with bots aborting immediately.
  • Fix wrong world map wandering bot status condition. Fix generating extra bots when another player queues for exact same BG bracket.
  • Fix broken spawning of wandering bots in world maps.
  • Fix free bots contantly interrupting food/drink.
  • Fix BG bots sometimes teleporting out of BG.
  • Fix BG bots selecting baselevel above 80.
  • Allow bots to tick revive timer when party is in combat and resurrect sooner and with full hp/mana while in BG (resurrection itself is still out of combat only).
  • Fix a crash due to missing player cast.
  • Make BG bots follow flag carrier out of combat.
  • Always create BotMgr at player init to fix a crash with concurent BotMgr creation caused by single player owned bots spawned on different maps.
  • Fix BG queue to BG players spilling.
  • Fix queuing of generated BG bots.


  • Fix Talon King Ikiss Blink.
  • Rework Kalithresh.
  • Ambassadow Hellmaw can attack while casting Corrosive Acid.
  • ShadowLabirynth: Added missing paths.
  • Ambassador Hellmaw: Properly handle Banish intro event.
  • Remove hardcoded text(s) and some minor adjustments.
  • Raise Ally improvements.
  • Steamvault: Rework Mekgineer Steamrigger.
  • Steamvault: Despawn Thespia's adds on death.
  • Remove hardcode from zone_netherstorm.
  • Fix animal blood pool effect and position.
  • ShadowLabyrinth: Modernize Ambassador Hellmaw.


  • Cleanup Shattered Halls SAI.
  • Correct onkill reputation for Shattered Halls.
  • Add missing SmartAI conditions to Blood Furnace.
  • Remove Pattern: Drums of Restoration from reference loot.
  • Drums of Restoration dropping from creatures.
  • Improve Quest Betrayed (3506) and port from event_script to SAI.
  • Correct respawn timers for 2 TBC quest mobs.
  • Fix Outland Basilisks.
  • Fel Orc Blood Vial should drop only inside Blood Furnace.
  • Fix Jedoga Shadowseeke sacrifice.
  • Remove Netherweave Tunic drop.


  • Fix inifnite loop.
  • Allow scheduling multiple hp checks at once for identical phases.
  • Prevent MOVE_TO_POS from creating large distances between target.

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