Hotfix 041623-2035 for AzerothCore Single Player Repack


Hotfix 041623-2035 is an hotfix for the AzerothCore Single Player Repack, a modified version of the World of Warcraft game that allows players to play on their own without the need for an internet connection or a server. The hotfix is specifically focused on the NPCBots feature, which allows players to interact with non-player characters (NPCs) that can act as allies or enemies.

The update was released on April 16, 2023 by Zaicopx, to AzerothCore-wotlk-with-NPCBots rev. f42e1b3cae29. The hotfix contains the following changes:

  • Add wander node BG flag pickup and drop point flags: This update adds new functionality to the NPCBots feature, allowing players to set up specific locations where the bots can pick up and drop off flags during battlegrounds.
  • Enable BG bots to pick and capture WSG flags: With this update, NPCBots can now pick and capture flags in the Warsong Gulch battleground, making it more fun matches.
  • Update WSG wander nodes: This update also updates the pathing for the NPCBots in the Warsong Gulch battleground, improving their ability to navigate the terrain and avoid obstacles.

Overall, Hotfix 041623-2035 is a small but important update for the AzerothCore Single Player Repack, providing players with improved functionality for the NPCBots feature and making it easier to enjoy the game on their own.

Remember, Install update and hotfix must be in order:

  1. UPDATE 041523-1246: CLICK HERE
  2. HOTFIX 041523-2226: CLICK HERE
  3. HOTFIX 041623-2035: CLICK HERE

This is a how-to update repack:

  • Remember to backup
  • Extract Latest AC SP update first then
  • Extract this Hotfix.7z
  • Copy and paste in AzerothCore Folder, replace everything

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elias0057 said...

The update link is wrong

zaicopx said...

@elias0057 Thank you

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