Update 041023-0104 for AzerothCore Single Player Repack


Update Info:

Core: Zaicopx AzerothCore-wotlk-with-NPCBots rev. 506fd32b8443

NPCBots v5.3.122a

Latest update on April 10, 2023

Version DB world: ACDB 335.9-dev

Mysql: root, ascent



This is a how-to update repack:

  • Remember to backup
  • Download latest AC SP Update
  • Extract AC SP Update.7z to repack folder, replace exe (Everything)



  • Fix PvP debug messages for non-PvP wandering bots.
  • Fix wandering bots never dropping chased targets.
  • Add XP reward for killing wandering bots with greatly increased rate.
  • Dark Ranger: fix Black Arrow not being counted as a debuff.
  • Add wandering bot kill money + item(s) reward. Up to 2 items from bot's equips may drop with a small chance.
  • Fix 'AuberdineSpawn' WP (993) missing spawn flag.
  • Removes unused creature 290 data.
  • Fix Mirror Image target selection if casted by creature.
  • Fix missing wanderer check when dereferencing current travel node.
  • Fix not using Fireball / Frostbolt at levels 1-9 when initted with Arcane spec.
  • Fix a crash caused by nullptr dereference in Unit::SetInCombatState()
  • Optimize lambda captures in bot_necromancer_ai.cpp
  • Fix Svalna crash.
  • Fix Druid's Bash cast chain.
  • Fix combat timer for non-PvP bots.
  • Fix Mage not using Frostbolt above level 10.
  • Fix Mage not using Arcane Missiles when Missile Barrage is already unlocked but Arcane Blast isn't.
  • Fix .npcbot dump write command after wandering bots implementation, also fix always writing to file even if command failed.


  • Prevent pets from pulling Ikiss from behind doors.
  • Fix Trial of the Naaru: Tenacity complete condition should now only complete on heroic mode.
  • Fixed locking Shad of Aran entrance door.
  • Correct Baron Geddon Inferno damage values.
  • VioletHold: Remove hardcode and add some of the missing gossip.
  • Script Sindragosa's respawn/waypoints.
  • Allow game masters to skip boss checks.
  • Added waypoint movement to Quagmirran.
  • Prevent Sindragosa's landing trigger from firing during combat.
  • Fix Harbringer Skyriss not splitting if casting abilities.
  • Fix possible crash if bosses engage offline players.
  • Fix Sindragosa's icewall poping up prematurely.
  • Remove Skyriss' immunity at reset.
  • Correct timers and add missing events.
  • Fix Putricide crash.


  • Fix Pet::resetTalentsForAllPetsOf for stabled pets.
  • Fix Mote of Shadow dropping from wrong creatures.
  • Grunda Bronzewing is now mounted.
  • Some immunities in Arcatraz.
  • Prevent infinite spawning of [DND]Spirit 1.
  • Fix Arcatraz Sentinels spawning at 1 health.
  • Change castflags for Death Watcher's Death Count.
  • Fix Warlord Kalithresh Normal Loot.
  • Yet another fix for Teron Gorefiend not resetting.
  • Lok'delar and Rhok'delar should not be mutually exclusive.
  • Deadmines Cleaver should only drop from Defias Henchman.
  • Added 8sec cooldown to Stormchops proc.
  • Remove deprecated bytes2 flags.
  • Slow down Darkshire City Hall broadcasts.
  • Correct Bael'dun creatures not fleeing.
  • Port The Knife Revealed rp from Trinity.
  • Blood of the Mountain dropping from wrong mobs.
  • Jesse Masters selling items without quest completion.
  • Sentinel Keldara Sunblade attacking while feign death.
  • Onkill rep for Steamvault and Shadow Labyrinth.
  • Port On Nethery Wing visuals from Trinity.
  • Fix damage modifier of Razormaw.
  • Prevent Earthmender Wilda to fail quest abruptly.
  • Underbog frenzy aggro.
  • Add Tailoring condition for the Battlecast Hood Recipe.
  • Corrected Snivel Rustrocket's position.
  • Removes unused creature 290 data.
  • Remove unused SAI from Yor.
  • Junk Loot from Water Barrels removed.
  • Ferra add in DM:W not dropping correct loot.
  • Remove Spire Frostwyrm leftovers.
  • Remove the Spire Frostwyrm remnant in alliance side.
  • Re-Construct Shadow Labyrinth.


  • Fixed Spiritual Attunement not working with partial overheals.
  • Fixed Battlegear of Eternal Justice set bonus.
  • Send player's own auras before all visible objects.
  • Fixed incorrect damage mod for Heirloom 2H weapons.
  • Make it easier to find FreezeDetector.
  • Remove artificially high minimal update intervals and Allow specifying minimum world updates diff in config.
  • Improve HandleRoster performance.
  • Added error message for death knights attempting to leave their starting zone early.
  • Remove channeled auras when caster and target are not on the same map.

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