Update 061123-1753 for Zaicopx Single Player Repack



Update Info:

Core: Zaicopx AzerothCore-wotlk-with-NPCBots rev.8511600c6578

NPCBots v5.4.36a.

Latest update on June 11, 2023

Version DB world: ACDB 335.10-dev

Mysql: root, ascent


Update 061123-1753CLICK HERE!

This is a how-to update repack:

  • Remember to backup.
  • Download latest AC SP Update.
  • Remember to DELETE "Source" Folder first.
  • Extract AC SP Update.7z to repack folder, replace exe (Everything)



  • Add HK related stuff: honor rate / pvp achievements (4 new config settings)
  • Wandering bots PvP fix. Set PvP for wandering bots always.
  • Implement contested PvP state for bots.
  • Apply player contested PvP rules and guards' reaction to bots.
  • Fix bots in PvP mode ignoring player PvP attackability rules.
  • Check attack target alive state before trying to cast anything on it.
  • Crypt Lord: fix Carrion Beetles mana cost.
  • Adjust transmog menu to allow hiding equipped gear in slot.
  • Do not autoremove mount spells when checking location.
  • New config: NpcBot.WanderingBots.Continents.Levels - to balance wandering bots spawn on continents per level bracket.
  • Allow bots to help with Tainted Cores (Serpentshrine Cavern)
  • Obsidian Destroyer: fix Replenish Mana having 1 min cooldown.
  • Fix a crash when wandering bots percentage couldn't have been spread without remainder.
  • Fix a crash caused by missing spawn location for neutral wandering bots levels 1-7.
  • Randomize wandering bots spawn levels order.
  • Fix flags_extra intersection.
  • Change config settings under `NpcBot.NewClasses.<Class>.Enable`: rename to `NpcBot.Classes.<Class>.Enable` and add standard classes.
  • New config `NpcBot.WanderingBots.BG.TargetTeamPlayersCount.<BGTYPE>` - manages BG target team players count for wandering bots generation, also allows to enable/disable BGs (unsafe).
  • Fix vehicle speed in Oculus.
  • Add Ingvar the Plunderer's Shadow Axe to `bot_ai::CalculateAoeSpots()`
  • Show bot gear bank withdrawal menu sorted alphabetically.
  • Remove CC auras on teleport.
  • Import (with adjustments&fixes) Outland and Northrend Wander Nodes by @Russianranger
  • Fix bot raid frames & bot BG scores. 
  • Fix items in bot gear bank being unique.
  • Fix BG map position and stat/online state updates for bot group members.
  • Fix healing and buffing target selection for BG bots.
  • Fix broken bot group member management and group saves.
  • Use only player classes for bots in raid groups.
  • Fix buffing players during BG preparation.
  • Allow zone&area updates for wandering bots.
  • Set sanctuary flags on area update.
  • Disable flying mount for wandering bots.
  • Fix missing group set for bot at removal. 
  • Simplify `IsInPartyWith()` and `IsInRaidWith()` checks. 
  • Sync Group code some.
  • BG: Count spare bots for each team and do not try to spawn more than that number, abort if not enough bots available for both teams.
  • Fix a rare crash where wandering bot could be spawned with bot level lower that spawn WP's level.
  •  New config NpcBot.WanderingBots.Continents.Maps - list of allowed continent maps for wandering bots.


  • Blood Furnace: Clean up Keli'dan script.
  • Shattered Halls: Rework Nethekurse.
  • Shattered Halls: Rewrite Warchief Kargath Bladefist.
  • Npc: Experience Eliminator only asks pertinent questions.
  • Shattered Halls: Fix Nethekurse delay after peon dies.
  • ShatteredHalls: Prevent boss from being pulled early.
  • Shattered Halls: Implement the Flame Gauntlet event.
  • Outland: World Boss model update.
  • Commands: Fix '.send items' command to no longer require an itemId count.
  • Caverns Of Time: Mass struct/model update.
  • Shattered Halls: Fire Executioner's call on heroic only.
  • Shattered Halls: Nethekurse shouldn't roleplay in combat.
  • Hellfire Peninsula: Beacons not attracting mobs.
  • ShatteredHalls: hack fix to prevent pets from pulling the non-attackable peons in Nethekurse room.
  • Quest: Make quest "Triage" (6622/6624) completable.
  • UBRS: Update UBRS/Pyroguard Emberseer script to fix issues and increase accuracy.
  • Spells: Convert some Druid spells to SpellScript.
  • Underbog: modernise boss scripts.
  • Karazhan: Opera Wizard of Oz fight correct start timers for combat as well fixing restart of the event.
  • Shadow Labirynth: Fix Murmur not using abilities.


  • Misc fixes for TBC Heroic dungeons.
  • Missing stealth detection to some creatures.
  • Shattered Halls: Implement scripted adds for Porung and Kargath.
  • Character: Allow names to be accent senstive.
  • Update Blackrock Summoner (9818) summoning logic.
  • Creature Spell: Add "Threaten" spell to "Wild Fel Stalker"
  • Arathi Highlands: set Kenata Dabyrie's run speed to a more realistic value.
  • Loot: Overtuned loot drops in Hellfire Citadel dungeons.
  • Shattered Halls: Fix Legionnaires in Sparring Hall calling 2 adds at a time.
  • Loot: Lower chance on pattern drops for Shattered Hand Legionnaire.
  • Creature: add immunities to Uvuros.
  • Creature: remove very strange resistance from Kaliri Swooper, Matriarch and the Hatchlings.
  • Creature: Immunity mask for Rift Lord/Keeper.
  • Lupine Delusion (5097) and Illusionary Phantasm (6493) properly despawn when hit.
  • SAI: Zul'Farrak - Adds creature_formations for trash in the last boss room.
  • Creature: Correct Old Man Barlo position.
  • Quest: improve Teleport This!
  • NPC: Missing Text for Tavernkeep Smitts.
  • Creature: NPC Barkeep Daniels - Texts missing.
  • Creature: Ghostly Philanthropists drop no gold in wotlk.
  • Creature: Remove Sha'tar rep gain from Restless Skeletons.
  • Creature: Charming Totem Movement (Heroic)
  • Creature: Make Gargantuan Abyssal immune to knockbacks.
  • Creature: Correct position of Jin'Zallah the Sandbringer.
  • Add the next 75 Darkmoon Faires .
  • Fix issue where Archaedas' (2748) adds don't despawn at the end of the fight.
  • Creature: Add missing mechanic immunities to Rift Lord/Keeper.
  • Shattered Halls: add CC immunities to a variety of trash mobs.
  • Gameobject: Instance portal in Escape from Durnholde Keep not showing.
  • Creature: Root Mennu the Betrayer totems.


  • Rewrite Warbringer O'mrogg.
  • Spells: Hunter snake trap damage.
  • Allow LINK events to use event_chance.
  • Script: Kargath should prevent adds spawn on death.
  • Creature: Re-Add IGNORE_ASSISTANCE_CALL flag.
  • Scripts: Ikiss polymorph target.
  • Scripts: Rework Pandemonius.
  • Scripts: Sepethrea should prioritize players that don't have Dragon's breath aura.
  • Smart Scripts: Allow SAI_ACTION_DIE to accept params.
  • Scripts: Ghaz'an acid spit should hit just one target.
  • Spell: Net-o-Matic.
  • Move DungeonFinder.OptionsMask to rest of lfg stuff.

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