Update 062723-1041 for Zaicopx Single Player Repack



Update Info:

Core: Zaicopx AzerothCore-wotlk-with-NPCBots rev.5ae137c15dec

NPCBots v5.4.96a

Latest update on June 27, 2023

Version DB world: ACDB 335.10-dev

Mysql: root, ascent


Update 062723-1041CLICK HERE!


This is a how-to update repack:

  • Remember to backup.
  • Download latest AC SP Update.
  • Remember to DELETE "Source" Folder first.
  • Extract AC SP Update.7z to repack folder, replace exe (Everything)



  • Tidy up wandering bots gear generation. Add ability to prevent certain item ids from being used for gear generation.
  • Allow bots to attack contested guards too.
  • Implement dynamic movement speed and dynamic walk mode.
  • Normalize all bot speeds.
  • Stop bot pets from moving to bot's destination regardless of distance.
  • Unify BG code with TC version.
  • Fix bot-ness in GetReactionTo()
  • Fix order not getting cancelled on fail sometimes.
  • Add bot party membership checks in BuildValuesUpdate()
  • Fix wrong check for free slot in BG.
  • Fix bots being able to resurrect player of enemy faction if player has released spirit.
  • Alterac Valley BG implementation. Add KilledUnit BG hook.
  • Add support for mill-about behaviour for current wander node.
  • Add handling for custom next WP selection for BGs. Fix a bug where bot revived in BG did not reset target wander node.
  • Disable all custom classes in BG roster.
  • Priest: Fix broken Improved Power Word: Fortitude stam bonus and Improved Power Word: Shield absorb amount bonus.
  • Fix several bugs in WP commands.
  • Import AV wander nodes and config
  • Do not allow joining BG individually if player is in group with their own bots.
  • Despawn all remaining pending BG bots immediately on first error if player leaves queue.
  • Spawn both BG teams' bots simultaneously instead of one team after another.
  • Fix immediate interription of some periodic trigger type channeled spells.
  • Adjust gear generation and selection rules on top levels, enable Discipline spec for wandering Priest bots and Protection for wandering Warrior bots.
  • Fix false positives when checking isolated wandering nodes due to no support for one-way linkage.
  • Implement random enchants and gems selection for wandering bots' generated gear. 
  • Fix gear selection rules being ignored. 
  • Fix Protection Warrior generated gear.
  • Fix wandering bots not being able to mount up while moving.
  • Make BG bots move to their start WP randomized position at spawn.
  • Update positions of Arathi Basin staring WPs.
  • Fix a crash in GetNextBGTravelNode().
  • Fix a crash in `_LocalizeItem()`.
  • Fix resilience gear requirement being applied to bots below level 80, causing BG bots to spawn with no gear.
  • Fix chase movement angle.
  • Fix Warrior BG bots generating caster shields.


  • Gruuls Lair: modernise boss scripts + make timers more accurate.
  • The Black Morass: rework time rift event logic.
  • Hellfire Ramparts: Fix Gargolmar Retalliation procs with targets behind him.
  • ZulFarrak: add Hearthstone mechanic to Blys party when event not started in time.
  • Karazhan: Malchezaar should not cast Enfeeble on phase 3.
  • Shadow Labyrinth: Murmur's Touch.
  • Hellfire Ramparts: Fix Nazan not casting abilities.
  • Slave Pens: Remove the Magma Totem requirement to summoning Ahune.


  • Gameobject: Add game_event_object entry for Midsummer Banners in Shattrath.
  • Loot: Remove normal loot drops from OHF bosses.
  • Gameobject: Add heroic version of Cache of the Legion.
  • SAI: Add Scatter Shot to Shattered Hand Sharpshooter.
  • Spell: Add ICD to Spellsurge and some PVP trinkets.
  • Quest: Correct AllowedRaces for Shattered Halls quests.
  • Events: Disable LoS for Cluster Launcher.
  • Smart Scripts: Quest 437 - The Dead Fields.
  • Creature: Add missing immunities to Yor.
  • SAI - Zul'Farrak: Make Antu'sul (8127) despawn his summoned adds (8156) when reset.
  • Quest: Change quest requirement for "The Troll Cave".
  • Creature: Set level of Durnholde Mage in OHF heroic appropriate for heroic.
  • Creature: Make "Ambient Minion of Terokk" not selectable.
  • Creature: Make 'Grandmaster Vorpil' not interruptible.
  • Creature: Lower TBC Heroic bosses to level 72.
  • Item: Remove wrong RandomProperties enchantments.
  • Creature: Netherweb Victim should not move or attack.
  • SAI: Mai'Zoth casts Frost Armor.
  • Creature: Fix Dustbelcher NPC MovementType.


  • ScriptMgr: Add Hooks for profession skill gains.

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