Update 072523-2151 for Zaicopx Single Player Repack



Update Info:

Core: Zaicopx AzerothCore-wotlk-with-NPCBots rev.5eed9540df1f

NPCBots v5.4.103a

Latest update on July 25, 2023

Version DB world: ACDB 335.10-dev

Mysql: root, ascent


Update 072523-2151CLICK HERE!


This is a how-to update repack:

  • Remember to backup.
  • Download latest AC SP Update.
  • Remember to DELETE "Source" Folder first.
  • Extract AC SP Update.7z to repack folder, replace exe (Everything)



  • Implement more plyer-like group management mechanisms (subgroup, original group, bg/raid group, group reference).
  • Enable moving bots between subgroups.
  • Fix IsTank() method not checking properly LFG role `PLAYER_ROLE_TANK`.
  • Refactor bot class group scanner loops to utilize new group reference and enable some group-only abilities for wandering bots (in BG).
  • Enable dynamic speed change only when following owner.
  • Fix a bug where 2-handed wandering bot generated weapon could be displayed and 1-handed.
  • Try do delay immediate mount up after combat / revival.
  • Split non-caster items into strength and agility items during wandering bots gear generation.
  • Fix Hunter bots not generating rings.
  • Make off-tanks taunt off-tanking targets off of main tank(s) and make main tanks taunt main-tanking targets off of off-tank(s).
  • Count MAIN_ASSIST raid memeber role as tanking role.
  • Make free (BG) bots recognize party/raid members as units `IsInBotParty()`.
  • Fix generating caster cloaks for wandering bots of str/agi classes.
  • Add a small chance to generate gear of ilevel >= 264 for wandering bots of max level.


  • Mechanar: Fix Polarity shift mechanic.
  • Slave Pens: Clean up Ahune script.
  • Midsummer: Stop Bonfires from spawning more gameobjects.
  • Slave Pens: Add Chilling Aura to Ahune adds.
  • Auchenai Crypts: Fix Exarch Maladaar despawning the avatar and not summoning it if casting.
  • Slave Pens: Ahune shouldn't spawn more than a single Hailstone per phase.
  • Slave Pens: Despawn Frozen Core after Ahune emerges.
  • Player: correct the parameter order in OnUpdateGatheringSkill.
  • Ionar: Remove nature damage immunity.
  • Steamvault: Remove unused spells from Mekgineer Steamrigger.
  • Creature: Rework Avatar of the Martyred.
  • Underbog: Fix Swamplord Musel'ek combat movement.
  • Outlands: Fix Kazzak not reseting his timers.
  • Shadowmoon Valley: Enraged Spirits' abilities.
  • Outlands: Fix Doomwalker not reseting abilities.
  • Hellfire Ramparts: Nazan and Vazruden properly reset.
  • Hellfire Peninsula: Improve Wounded Blood Elf Pilgrim.
  • Magtheridons Lair: Adjust Magtheridon's timers.
  • Magtheridons Lair: fix Magtheridon's Quake spell.
  • Gruuls Lair: Adjust timers for Reverberation and Hurtful Strike.
  • Gruuls Lair: Fix Maulgar not casting intimidating shout.
  • Magtheridons Lair: Fix emote spam.
  • Shadow Labyrinth: Fix Vorpil voidwalkers getting stuck.
  • Karazhan: Update The Curator.
  • Karazhan: Rewrite Terestian Illhoof.
  • Misc: Improve server debug.
  • Karazhan: The Curator - KilledUnit.
  • Karazhan: Update Moroes.
  • Karazhan: Update Maiden of Virtue.
  • Spells: Reduce the amount of player checks.
  • Temple Of AhnQiraj: let small Eye Tentacles attack the raid.
  • Temple Of AhnQiraj: make C'thun Dark Glare face location of last eyebeam before cast, instead of random target.
  • Karazhan: rework Shade of Aran using TaskScheduler and fixes.
  • Karazhan: Update Attumen and Midnight.
  • Pets: Darting Hatchling not running around.
  • Karazhan: change Moroes to use TaskScheduler instead of events.
  • Karazhan: Update Servant Quarters.


  • Fix Quest: Inoculation - ID: 9303
  • Creature: Avoid Chain-pulling in Auchenai Crypts.
  • Trainer: Add TBC Goggles and Frost Grenades to proper reference.
  • Trainer: Add missing Powerheal 4000 Lens to Engineering trainers.
  • Gameobject: Spawn Midsummer Bonfires in gameobject table instead.
  • SAI: Fix Shay Leafrunner.
  • Creature: Make "O'Mally's Instrument Bunny" invisible to players.
  • Fix Spells: Shriveling Gaze.
  • SAI: fix Blackpaw Shaman Combat Movement.
  • SAI: Gnarlpine Mystic uses the right 'Wrath'.
  • SAI: Cabal Spellbinder adjustment to Spell Shock target type.
  • SAI: Un'Goro's Crystal Pylons.
  • Quest: Fix typo in quest reward offer text for ID 9145.
  • Quest: Fix typo in quest reward offer for ID 9175.
  • Creature: Turn 'Guard Untula' as female.
  • Creature: Add correct stealth to Crag Stalker.
  • Fix Quest: It's a Fel Reaver, But with Heart.
  • Text: Darnassus Sentinels' incorrect gossip texts.
  • Text: 7998 - Blastmaster emi shortfuse dialogue issues.
  • Creature: Link Hellfire Channelers in Magtheridon's Lair.
  • SAI: Adjust Spell Timers for Magtheridon's Lair adds.
  • SAI: Claw shouldn't be killable.
  • Creature: Burning Abyssal immune mask.
  • Loot: Correct Loot for several TBC Heroics.
  • SAI: Fingrom Blast Wave.
  • Loot: Remove loot from Hellfire Channeler.
  • SAI: Mosh'Ogg Witch Doctor SAI fix.
  • SAI: Sand Sifter and Hai'shulud despawning after 1 minute.
  • SAI: Fix Or'Kaos the Insane smartscript.
  • Spells: Add Blade of Wizardry ICD.
  • Loot: Membership Benefits item loot adjustment.
  • Spells: Add Deathfrost ICD.
  • Creature: Add Immunities Knockback and Horror to Gruul trash.
  • Quest: 1582 - Moonglow Vest req. skill.
  • Loot: Outcast's Cache Loot adjustment.
  • Creature: fix Horizon Crew in sunken ship on Azshara.
  • Loot: Incorrect Skinning Loot in Red Mesa.
  • Commands: Fix typo in wp show command description.
  • Spell: Fix trinkets procs TBC and Vanilla.
  • Spell: Bangle of Endless Blessing ICD adjustment.
  • Spell: Badge of the Swarmguard PPM fix.
  • Spell: Talisman of Ascendance should only proc on spell casts.
  • Spell: Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon should only trigger on spellcast.


  • ScriptMgr: Hooks used in mod-aoe-loot.
  • SAI: Allow ACTION_FOLLOW to stop follow movement if target type is SELF or NONE.
  • Auction House: Fix AH searches with high number of auctions.
  • SAI: Implement New Smart Actions SET_SCALE & SUMMON_RADIAL.
  • Spells: Shoulder Charge being a buff.
  • Worldserver: correct macros platform.
  • Spells: Apply Seals of Pure talent to Seal of Vengeance/Corruption again.
  • Spells: Add Beast Lord 4P bonus.
  • SmartAI: Add more smart events.
  • SmartAI: Add min/max timer error check for NEAR_PLAYERS.
  • Reputation: remove reputation splitting for being partied.
  • Achievements:Add getter for completed achievement map in AchievementManager.
  • Object: Add helper to allow removing allowed looters.
  • Gossip: Fix gossip menu for locale clients.
  • DB: Fix Blast Wave ID.
  • Magtheridon: Fix Manticron Cube mechanic.
  • Player: don't dismiss warlock pets on logout.
  • Session: don't refund soul shards when logging out with warlock pets.


  • mod-ah-bot: add db env include.
  • mod-autobalance: Fix Dynamic creature levels, reworked reward scaling, many fixes and improvements.
  • mod-autobalance: Fix AutoBalance.LevelScaling=0 bug and mapstat average bug
  • mod-autobalance: Fix a crash when trying to access Battleground map to InstanceMap instead of MapInstanced.
  • mod-autobalance: NPCBots - Update integration.
  • mod-autobalance: Enable Autobalance in world maps again.
  • mod-dynamic-xp: Compatibility with the latest emulator version.
  • mod-transmog: add missing db includes.

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